Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Canada Day

No, it's not July just yet, but our friends up north have had some interesting legal information developments. Pre-1985 Canadian Supreme Court Decisions are being made available on the Internet. From Library Boy:
The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII), the non-profit organization that makes Canadian law accessible for free on the Internet, has been scanning pre-1985 Supreme Court of Canada judgments as part of its digitization project to make them available for free on its website. The project is called ScanLII. 200 decisions prior to 1985 have been made available so far and more will be added as the project progresses. On the CanLII Supreme Court page, the early decisions from 1976 to 1984 can be found near the bottom under "Access by Decision Date".
In other Canadian legal information news, Slaw has created The Marshall Rothstein Pages, which provides a list of information resources about the nominee for the Supeme Court of Canada and the nomination process. (From beSpacific).