Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Great Sources - From InSite

The recent issue of InSite, Cornell University Law Library's current awareness service, has highlighted some excellent sources. From InSite:

Created by graduate student Joshua Tauberer in 2004 and oriented towards the average American citizen, GovTrack.us is a personalized "nexus of information" about the United States Congress, which follows the status of legislation and the activities of Congressional senators and representatives. GovTrack allows users to create customized data sources monitoring events such as the status of specific legislation, the speeches of representatives on the House and Senate floors, voting records, campaign contribution summaries, and other public information. After registering (for free), users may tailor their searches to specific government employees, bill numbers, or Congressional Research Service subject terms. Users may then monitor these searches and have the results pushed to their e-mail accounts or RDF/RSS feeds on a daily or weekly basis. The search can even be embedded into a third-party website through a simple script, which will automatically post new developments in the monitored areas of interest. GovTrack gets its information from the THOMAS website, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)on a daily basis.

NCJJ: National Center for Juvenile Justice
Founded in 1973, the National Center for Juvenile Justice is a private, non-profit entity devoted to juvenile justice research and is affiliated with the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. Through research and technical assistance, the Center works to improve the justice system for children and families. The Center’s services are provided by three divisions: Applied Research, Legal Research, and Systems Research. The website provides detailed explanation of the Center’s services and projects. Services include statutory analysis, statistical research and analysis, and program planning and evaluation. The main feature of the site is the extensive publications database that includes a variety of documents and reports prepared by the Center and other organizations. Publications are listed by title and topic. Topics include arrest statistics, delinquency, and minority youth. Most documents may be downloaded in PDF. Other publications include the Center’s annual reports and several serial publications. These are generally available on the site except for the Juvenile and Family Law Digest, which must be ordered.