Monday, April 17, 2006

Plagiarism Today

There is a new plagiarism blog, "Plagiarism Today." From InSite:
Targeted specifically to webmasters and other digital rights stakeholders, Plagiarism Today (PT) is a blog dedicated to increasing awareness among copyright holders and the media
regarding the prevalence of plagiarism on the Web. PT has been online since June 2005, and covers a broad number of categories, including Legal Issues, DMCA, Prevention, and Products. A unique contribution of this blog includes guides to Internet plagiarism for webmasters, which cover "Stopping Internet Plagiarism," "How to Find Plagiarism," "Contacting a Plagiarist, "Finding the Host" and other useful tips. The author has also created a "Host Report," which summarizes the responsiveness of web hosting companies to reports of copyright violations. Plagiarism Today allows comments and the site is searchable.