Thursday, August 17, 2006

Advice for 1-Ls

The best advice that I can give to 1-Ls about law school, very similar to Professor Brannon Denning's advice, is to treat your first year of law school like a job (rather than the third semester of your senior year). Plan on spending your days doing school work, but save time in the evenings and the weekend to spend with family and friends. Make productive use of the gaps in your class schedule, work hard, then go home and relax.

There is no shortage of advice for incoming law students. 1-Ls should check out the advice links on the Heafey Headnotes blog and on CALI's PreLaw Blog. There is nothing like your first year of law school. It's new, exciting, stimulating, challenging - it's the best of times (and sometimes the worst of times). Try to enjoy it; you'll only do it once.

Thanks to ZiefBrief and Law Dawg Blawg for the good information.