Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Use of Hidden Metadata OK Says ABA

In a recent ethics opinion, the ABA says that lawyers receiving electronic documents are free to examine "hidden" metadata which might be contained in the document. "The ABA committee noted metadata is ubiquitous in electronic documents, and includes such information as the last date and time that a document was saved and by whom, data on when it was accessed, the name of the owner of the computer that created the document and the date and time it was created, and a record of any changes made to the document or comments written into it." This ethics ruling is contrary to what other legal ethics authorities have said about this issue."

ABA members may download copies of ethics opinions for a period of one year after they are released, at the Center for Professional Responsibility's website. Information about how non‑members can obtain copies of opinions also is posted there.

From WisBlawg.