Monday, December 04, 2006

New Online Digitized Document Capability Offered by Ohio Supreme Court

New Online Digitized Document Capability Offered by Supreme Court of Ohio:
Digital images of case documents filed with the Supreme Court of Ohio will be available starting Friday, Dec. 1, on the Supreme Court of Ohio's Web site. This new feature is accessible through the Clerk of Court's online case docket search.

All case documents filed with the Court as of Dec. 1 will be available online, however, some case filings from earlier dates also will be online as they were scanned in the last month while the software was being tested. Case documents are expected to be posted within one business day of being filed with the Court. To view case documents online, visit the Clerk of Court's Web page and search the case docket. Filings can be accessed by clicking on an icon next to a docket entry, which denotes that a corresponding digital document is available to view as a PDF file.

“Scanning will allow for quick and easy access to public case filings,” said Marcia Mengel, Supreme Court Clerk of Court, who estimates about 14,000 pages will be scanned per month. “Once a case filing is scanned into our system, it can be viewed on the Internet by anyone, anywhere, anytime day or night. Accessing documents online will also facilitate research that could be done in the past only by coming to the Clerk's office and poring through paper files.”