Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Legal Abbreviations

Robert Hudson at the Novalawcity blog identifies three good sites for finding legal abbreviations:

I have primarily used Cardiff for my legal abbreviation needs, but I plan to take a look at the others Robert recommends.

The Changing Information Services Needs of Faculty

According to a new study, librarians and faculty "don't see eye to eye."

Friday, July 27, 2007

OnLine Law Degree

From the Cleveland Law Library Weblog:
Joining the many colleges and universities that offer distance education for undergraduate degrees, there is now a law school that offers online legal degrees. The Thomas Jefferson School of Law is now the first law school in the United States to offer online legal degrees accredited by the American Bar Association. Even though the weather in San Diego, California is usually beautiful, you don't have to travel there to obtain an LL.M., (Master of Law), a J.S.M. (Master of Science of Laws) or a J.S.D. (Juris Scientiae Doctor) through the Diamond Law Program in International Tax and Financial Services.

Website Tracks Top Donors to 2008 Presidential Candidates

A new website from Public Citizen.

From beSpacific.