Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No Need to Dread Networking - Bar Association Meetings

If the thought of "networking" makes you queasy, but job postings just don't seem to have anything you're interested in, try simply hanging out with attorneys who share your interests.

The Columbus Bar Association has several committees whose meetings are open to law students. According to the Columbus Bar Association  law student page, "Students should attend Substantive Law Committee meetings of interest to them and are also invited to most New Lawyers events." Similarly, the Ohio State Bar Association has sections and committees you can join. According to the OSBA online hub for law students, "Committee membership is free to all interested OSBA members. Student associate members can join any section by paying the special student rate of $3 per year. Membership in the Young Lawyers Section is free for law student members."

Volunteering to research, edit, or co-author articles or other publications for committees and sections can be one way to show attorneys your interest and skills. These groups may also be the first place to hear about job opportunities and scholarships.

Before you head off to those meetings, stop by the library to brush up on your research, writing, and networking skills. Check out the reserve area behind the circulation desk for books on job hunting (on your left when you enter the section) or section KF 250 (in the middle of the bookshelves on your right when you enter) for books on legal writing.

And if you can't bear to come into the law school but still need to prep, there are several e-books that might pique your interest: