Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NHL Lockout Angst

I just moved to Columbus and was on the verge of realizing my lifelong dream of living in a city with an NHL team when tragedy struck.

If you're as frustrated by the NHL lockout as I am (or if you have no idea what the NHL is and want to know), I highly recommend The Law of Hockey to get your bearings on the topic. The book covers everything you might expect (labor relations, player contracts, competition law), but it also includes sections on things that never crossed my mind: equality issues (e.g. aboriginal peoples, religion, and transgender status), television contracts, and "two cases of hockey homicide."

In local news, The Dispatch reports on the impact the lockout will have on Columbus taxpayers as a result of the contract negotiated late last year.

Sports Law is offered this Spring. Why not get a leg up on the national sport of Canada?