Friday, October 12, 2012

Career Options: Agent or Counsel for Athletes

In addition to the obvious big sports presences here in Columbus (i.e., football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and ice hockey), Columbus is also home to gifted track stars, the Arnold Classic, the upcoming marathon, and scores of other sports.

If you're still trolling for a career path but you find yourself driven to distraction by football lately, consider breaking in to the sports law arena. Two suggestions for getting your foot in the door: learn the law and learn the business.

To build your legal know-how, you can enroll in Sports Law offered this Spring, peruse the library's collection of sports law books and journals, or review any number of legal research guides on the subject. If you find a book that looks good on another law library's website, search the Moritz catalog by call number to find a copy here:

To develop your business sense, enroll in a negotiation classread the blogs, and do a little networking with local counsel and agents.