Monday, October 22, 2012

LinkedIn - An Overlooked Research Tool

You may have a LinkedIn account with all the bells and whistles touting your work and educational experience. If you aren't familiar with LinkedIn, however, consider signing up. The site is essentially Facebook for professionals, allowing folks to post résumés, collect recommendations, and network. For example, you can join groups to meet like-minded types, like Moritz grads, possibly hearing about the latest employment opportunities well before they are posted in other places.

LinkedIn is also a great research tool. Simply log in, click "Advanced" next to the search bar (see below), and you're on your way.

Looking for lawyers in a particular city who practice civil rights law? Select the Law Practice industry type and the city or zip code where you're looking. Curious about the types of work or employment trajectories from alum from your undergrad? Type the undergraduate institution in the School field. Interested in working for the Disney corporation but not sure who to reach out to in the legal department? Type "Disney" in the Company field, legal services and law practice in the industry fields, and voilà.

And who knows, you may have shared connections or other things in common, facilitating the sometimes awkward process of meeting people.