Monday, November 05, 2012

Election Day Resources and Free Stuff

Tomorrow, Election Law @ Moritz’s team of faculty and researchers will be monitoring election day happenings over at the Ohio Union, Cartoon Room, 3rd floor, from 8am - ?
Sadly, there aren't nearly as many election specials available as there have been in the past. Tim Hortons Café & Bake Shop, however, will give its guests a free donut when they purchase any beverage and show their "I Voted" sticker at participating U.S. restaurants on Election Day.
Free food and elections have a bit of an infamous relationship as you may have seen with the recent pizza/election scandal.  Offering free food to entice voters isn't new news, however, as this 1905 case illustrates. ("It is claimed by the petitioners that certain ladies in one of the election districts of the town occupied a portion of the power house of the Chautauqua Institution on the day of election, and dispensed coffee and doughnuts to the electors, and solicited the electors to vote against the sale of liquor in said town.")