Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Electoral Maps Quiz has one of the coolest ways to learn a little election history. A quiz showing you different electoral college maps dating back to 1860 provides you with quick historical facts on the presidential candidates and elections. You win electoral college votes for each correct answer. The goal, of course, is to secure 270 electoral college votes.

Take this electoral college map, for example. It represents the map from the 1916 election: Woodrow Wilson vs. Charles Evans Hughes. Wilson's campaign slogan that year was, "He kept us out of war." The U.S. declared war on Germany a year later.

And third party candidates certainly aren't a new phenomenon:
This electoral college map is from 1912. According to, "Taft and Roosevelt were friends before the election, but the former president's distaste with Taft's administration prompted a serious falling out and fractured the Republican party. Roosevelt ran as the Bull Moose Party candidate against Taft and Democrat Woodrow Wilson."