Monday, January 07, 2013

Great Legal Blogs of 2012

Some folks are good at staying up-to-the-minute current, while others (like myself) gladly read the work of those who seek current info to expedite the process of staying 'current.'

Dennis Kennedy, a popular technology lawyer, has highlighted some of the top legal blogs of 2012. Law blogs (a.k.a. blawgs) are a great way to get the most current information available on a legal issue. In other words, you can skim a few blogs to learn the latest snippets of legal info rather than doing all the legwork yourself.

Two other great reasons to check out law blogs:
  1. They're handy if you're hunting for a paper topic.
  2. Read a few subject-specific blogs before an interview (i.e., read a trademark blog or three if you're interviewing for an intellectual property position). Also, check your interview schedule---one of your interviewers just might have their own blog it would behoove you to have read.
Here are a few more lists of law blogs you might be interested in: