Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Need a Job? How About Patents?

Radio show This American Life aired When Patents Attack! Part II recently, a follow-up to (of course) When Patents Attack! The show highlights what some see as a huge problem with the patent system: through licensing and assignments, companies are buying up patents and suing people for infringement at an alarming rate, though the patents the companies have acquired may be so over broad anyone could be seen as infringing the patents. Some see the issue as too few people in the patent office with the requisite level of knowledge to screen patents and prior art. See, patent applications are crazy technical, and an attorney must have passed the patent exam to process patents. Sounds like additional knowledgeable attorneys are in order.

The details on sitting for the patent bar are here. And, yes, we do have study aids and test prep resources for those of you taking this exam.