Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nader's Believe it or Not?

In many students, torts inflicts emotional distress.   Now, instead of merely reading about the sometimes improbable, sometimes heartrending, often complex world of tort law, Americans will be able to visit a museum dedicated to torts!  At least if Ralph Nader's plans materialize.  Nader intends to open the American Museum of Tort Law, according to the Washington Post.

Exhibits may include a Chevrolet Corvair, which helped launch Nader's career (see Unsafe at Any Speed).  What else might we find?  A range of negligent pharmaceutical labels?  Cigarette cartons from smokers' class action lawsuits?  Or perhaps the coffee cup from Liebeck v. MacDonald's Restaurants

So in a few summers, perhaps, you can take your kids on an exciting family vacation the Griswolds could only dream of--and maybe even list it for CLE credit!