Monday, August 12, 2013

Lance Armstrong Sued for Lying

Lance Armstrong and the publisher of his two books are being sued for false advertising. The complaint is, more or less, that Armstrong's lies about doping during his Tour de France years misled purchasers who are now seeking refunds and other compensation.

Arguments recently wrapped, and people are waiting to hear the judge's decision on the matter. (It seems this was a bench trial rather than a jury trial.) If you want to know the decision the minute it's announced, sign in to Bloomberg Law and click here. The case is Stutzman v. Armstrong, and it's in the district court in the Eastern District of California. The docket number is 2:13-cv-00116-MCE-KJN.

Whether there is an actionable claim for an autobiography sold on lies is a reasonably interesting question. The juicier one, in my opinion, is whether the publisher has a claim against Armstrong. The answer to that question lies in the indemnification and warranty provisions of the publishing contract, which we may only see if that question is ever litigated.