Monday, September 16, 2013


Perhaps Liza Minnelli said it best in Cabaret: "Money makes the world go around." While that's not necessarily true all the time, money does seem to be a driving force in the legal world. And it's not all about litigation. For example, if you do transactional work, you need to really have a sense of how much something is "worth" in order to draft a contract that properly accounts for financial and legal risk your client might face. Consider the questions, "How likely is X to happen?," and "How much can my client expect to lose if it does?" Similarly, if you are a professional arbitrator, you need to know the stakes to properly evaluate the deals you may make on behalf of your client. Check back at the blog Wednesday and Friday for scenarios where money and the law intersect. In the mean time, consider reviewing a few of our many books in the library that explore financial value: