Friday, May 09, 2014

Celebrate Graduation Responsibly

Punk in Drublic is not just a great album, it's also what some might experience post-graduation. But celebrate responsibly, and try to keep shenanigans to a minimum for your health and safety and to avoid any Character and Fitness issues.

But is it legal to be punk in drublic, er, drunk in public? As all law grads know by now, the correct attorney answer is, "it depends."

An Arizona appeals court recently ruled public intoxication cannot be a criminal offense. And Jacksonville, Florida, changed its open-container laws after homeless men arrested for drinking in public complained that the rich, powerful, and famous attending the Super Bowl in that city could drink in public with impunity.

What about Ohio? Open containers are prohibited on streets for now. Cincinnati Democrat Eric Kearney introduced a bill (SB116) a year ago to create areas exempt from this prohibition, but at present, the matter is still in committee. And public intoxication? Good news: so long as you keep it together, you should be okay.

Be safe, have fun, and congratulations on completing another (perhaps your last) school year!