Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Let Me Google That For You

You have probably never heard of the National Technical Information Service (NTIS).  If Senator Tom Coburn has his way, this may be the last time you do.  The NTISseeks to promote American innovation and economic growth by collecting and disseminating scientific, technical and engineering information to the public and industry, by providing information management solutions to other federal agencies.”  This agency sells many publications, including the Homeland Security Annual Privacy Report for April 2003-June 2004 – listed at $38.  You can also find this report at the Department of Homeland Security website – for free. 

As simple Google searches often yield free versions of NTIS materials, Senator Coburn has introduced a bill entitled the “Let Me Google That For You Act” to abolish the NTIS.  So like any remaining NTIS users, consider multiple places to look as you research!