Monday, October 20, 2014

Patent Trolls and Lessons in Civil Procedure

I (and Professors Greenbaum and Caust-Ellenbogen) would like to say Civ Pro is one of the most popular classes out there, but I just don't think or know that is true. But it should be. In the interview we mentioned on this blog last Tuesday, Mike August is clear that one reason the parties settled is because his company's counsel (i) believed dismissal with prejudice was not possible in the jurisdiction in which the suit was located, and (ii) would not agree to dismissal without prejudice.

Civil procedure isn't just knowing where to file---it's trial tactics as well. And in this case, where to file was as critical to the outcome of this litigation as any other piece of the trial process. Civ Pro is the rules of the game. So check out a book to brush up on civil procedure and register for Professor Ralph's Pretrial Litigation course to learn how to maximize the rules of the game.