Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One Last Wacky Legal News Story, and It's not set in Florida!

Florida is my home state, and I know it has a reputation for producing strange news stories. So it's nice when another state brings a wacky news story, and this time---apologies---it's Ohio (from Deadline Hollywood):
Cincinnati-area man named Jason Best thought he could make some money re-selling tickets to The Interview when he heard it was playing at the Esquire Theater in Clifton, Ohio, the only location in the region carrying the controversial film after its release was reinstated early last week. Best spent $650 on 50 tickets, $13 each plus service fees, according to Cincinnati TV station WCPO.
But Sony enabled viewers to download the movie online for less than the cost of a movie ticket, and now Mr. Best wants his money back. Is he an enterprising capitalist or ruthless scalper? Can he sue for his money back? Does it depend on whether what he did (or attempted) was a crime?

Helpfully, the Cleveland Law Library includes in it's "Frequently Asked Questions," "Is ticket scalping illegal?" The answer? It depends. Check this law firm blog post for more detailed info (and if you want to know the current state of the law in Columbus, do the research.