Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Skiplagged - What on Earth is its Creator being Sued for?

We've written here before about how to get a cheap flight, and if you were lucky enough to score tickets to the national college football championship, you may be scratching your head on how to afford a flight to Dallas. Plane tickets from CMH are running around $600.

Skiplagged to the rescue? The service basically works like this: Let's say a flight to Chicago from Columbus is $279, but a flight to Madison, Wisconsin, with a layover in Chicago is $259. Skiplagged tells you so you can purchase the ticket to Madison and simply "miss" your connection to Madison and save $20. Genius entrepreneurship or something illegal?

Well, you've been in law school for at least four months now or up to two years and four months. If you wanted to sue, what would you sue for? (Because you know someone wants to sue the creator.) I puzzled over it for a while; then I did what any good lawyer should do: Look it up.

I went to Bloomberg Law (you should have received a username and password when you started law school; we can help you with access if you need it), and I ran a docket search. I did not search by the party name "Skiplagged." Instead, I looked up the name of the website's creator, Aktarer Zaman, and used that has my party name to search by reasoning that he likely has an unusual name and hasn't been sued all that often before. The guy is 22-years-old for Pete's sake.
 Low and behold, there's just one cause of action filed:
And helpfully, you can download and read the complaint!
But wait! What's the COA? You have two options for finding out: read this blog post carefully or do a quick look-up on Bloomberg to see for yourself.