Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blurred Lines Copyright Infringement Verdict---Wow, that was fast!

Just last Tuesday we posted about the Blurred Lines copyright infringement trial, and the jury reached a verdict yesterday. At issue was whether the authors of Blurred Lines infringed on Marvin Gaye's copyright in the song Got to Give It Up. (Actually, his estate owns the copyright.)

The verdict? ‘Blurred Lines’ Jury Orders Pharrell, Robin Thicke to Pay $7.3 Million to Marvin Gaye Family.

Are there ramifications for artists attorneys should know about so they can counsel clients accordingly? The L.A. Times thinks so with four articles on the subject in just five days:
Is the analysis accurate? How can an attorney truly assess the impact of this verdict, and what obligation of sound counsel does this verdict have on a practitioner? In other words, what do you say to a musician who is inspired by or whose works "sound like" a song you already know?

For more sound-alikes, check out this excellent L.A. Times article: Beyond 'Blurred Lines': Listen to these other sound-alike songs