Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sixth Circuit Review: A New Conversation

The Ohio State Law Journal has launched a new online publication:  the Sixth Circuit Review.  The Journal aims for this publication to be a “digital public square,” a discussion of important questions arising in the Sixth Circuit.  Scholars, students, practitioners, and judges are all invited to participate.

Afraid your comments will go unseen?  Chief Judge R, Guy Cole assures: “Only through a frank and ongoing dialogue will our court ever achieve its fullest potential. I promise you this: the judges of our circuit and their law clerks will surely read in earnest whatever you write.”

Begin the conversation by reading the inaugural issue and sending your own commentary to the Sixth Circuit Review editorIn the inaugural issue, you will find James M. Hafner, Jr.’s case comment on DeBoer v. Snyder – a good preparation for next week’s oral arguments at the Supreme Court regarding the Sixth Circuit same sex marriage cases.  Other topics include ethics and professionalism, pro se litigation, application of Rule 32.1 in district courts, whistleblower protections, summary dispositions, First Amendment balancing, and scienter pleading standards in securities fraud litigation – many opportunities to join in the conversation.