Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax Day Satisfies

You might need a snack of some sort to get you through the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, Revenue Rulings, and the like.  So did Aimee Cvancara, who needed a Snickers to get through work one evening.  Cvancara listed the 89 cent Snickers bar as a business deduction, but the tax court disagreed, calling it a personal expense.  A short, but thrilling documentary, dissects Cvancara’s audit and tax court experience, all in under 5 minutes – an excellent study break (without the non-deductible expense of a Snickers).

If you are inspired to learn more about business deductions – or need to because you are completing your taxes today – the IRS offers a helpful publication as well as a Q and A page.  Moritz students also have access to several tax specific databases, in addition to our major legal research databases.