Thursday, September 08, 2016

Get Ready for Practice with Discover Plus

Would you like to see a simple checklist of jury objections or examples of specific contract clauses? The Moritz Law Library provides students and faculty access to the Practicing Law Institute’s Discover Plus database, which offers forms, treatises, and continuing legal education materials on a wide range of topics, from employee benefits to family law to intellectual property. PLI is a nonprofit continuing legal education and professional business training organization. Because the materials are written by and for practitioners, Discover Plus is a great place to look for very specific guidance on managing deals, handling litigation, and deciphering rapidly developing areas of law.

Here are some examples of books available on Discover Plus:
  • Working With Contracts: What Law School Doesn’t Teach You 
  • How to Handle an Appeal 
  • Secured Transactions 2016: What Lawyers Need To Know About UCC Article 9 
  • Ohio New Lawyers Training
You can search by title or area of law, but also by author or law firm. If you are interviewing with a larger law firm, it is worth checking to see whether Discover Plus includes anything written by your interviewer.

Please contact a reference librarian if you have questions about this database, including the iPad and iPhone friendly app.