Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dive into Federal Regulatory History with Regulatory Insight

ProQuest’s Regulatory Insight provides federal compiled regulatory histories from 1975-2015. The collection will eventually include regulatory histories from 1936-1974 as well. Regulatory Insight enables researchers to quickly find and view all publications (in PDF format) in the Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Register related to a public law. Because the Moritz Law Library also subscribes to ProQuest’s Legislative Insight, it’s possible to link back and forth between the legislative documents associated with the public law and statutes as well.

The database is set up to enable searching by agency (e.g., Department of State, National Cemetery Administration), public law number, popular names (e.g., the Dewey F. Bartlett Post Office Act), subjects (e.g., diseases and disorders), keywords, and citations to the Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Register. The search functionality is fairly straightforward, but don’t be surprised if you receive no search results when looking for regulatory histories associated with laws enacted by the 88th Congress or earlier: recall that coverage only goes back to the mid-1970s. Coverage should expand rapidly, and a research guide (located here) will give you the latest information on what you’ll find in the database. Note that the database is limited to capturing materials produced from agencies’ rulemaking functions rather than their adjudicative functions.

If you need any assistance using ProQuest’s Regulatory Insight, with administrative law research, or have any other research needs, contact us at the reference desk or schedule a Research Consultation.