Monday, January 23, 2017

Law Library Tips for Seminar Paper Research

Do you need a jump start on your seminar paper this semester? The Moritz Law Library has created a list of resources relevant to this process, including books on academic legal writing, scholarly research tools, and more.

Here are a few research tips for academic legal writing:
  • Sign up for a research consultation with a reference librarian at any stage, from topic selection to developing background research.
  • Explore the world beyond Google. The Moritz Law Library and the OSU Libraries offer a wide range of databases, books, and journals.
  • Keep track of your research process so that you don’t repeat steps and so that you can cite sources properly.
  • Synthesize sources. Academic legal writing draws on many supporting sources rather than only a few.
  • As you read law review articles, take note of the range and frequency of citations as a model for your own work.