Monday, February 27, 2017

New Legislation Display Outside the Law Library

As you swipe your BuckID to enter the law library, look to your left at the legislation display we’ve created. The law librarians have highlighted three legislation-related matters that affect your professional life.

The first set of panels provides a visual representation of the legislative process and some online sources you can consult for research. When a professor or supervising attorney or judge asks you to provide “the legislative history” for the Affordable Care Act, consider this display a starting point for your research. If you need a bit more help, stop by the reference desk (or call, email, or chat) for some quick tips to get your research moving in the right direction and completed accurately and efficiently.

Second, our law school community is comprised of professors who have testified before the U.S. and Ohio Congresses. Not only are they exceptional teachers and scholars, they are often on the front lines of legislative decision-making. Professors Dakota Rudesill, Stephanie Hoffer, Margot Kaminski, and Marc Spindelman are just a sampling of the faculty who have travelled to the State House or D.C. to speak in favor of or against legislation. For your own firsthand experience with the legislative process, register for the Legislation Clinic.

Finally, it should come as no surprise that Moritz College of Law alumni are remarkable leaders in all that they do, but Moritz is particularly fortunate to have a number of alumni who have gone on to serve as legislators in Ohio or to represent Ohio in Washington D.C. The display includes notables like John Bricker and William Saxbe and some less familiar names like Jolynn Boster and Mary Jo Kilroy. On your way into or out of the library, stop to read some about the ways Moritz alum have represented the people of the state of Ohio.