Thursday, February 15, 2018

Law Library Tips for People-Finding

Want to search for Moritz alums who practice in Cleveland? Local lawyers who specialize in health law? Prepare for networking and interviews, informational and otherwise, by brushing up on your people searching skills. The library’s Career Resources guide includes some resources and strategy for finding out about people. Since many of our students practice in Ohio, we’d like to highlight a few local bar associations with online directories: the Columbus Bar Association, the Cincinnati Bar Association, and the Toledo Bar Association. These freely available tools offer limited search options, so for a more nuanced search, you’ll need to use other tools.

For example, this link illustrates a search for Moritz or "Ohio State" J.D. alums who practice health law in Cleveland, as listed by Westlaw's Profiler. Why did our search terms include Moritz and "Ohio State"? The law school adopted the name Moritz after a 2001 donation, so some alums may not use this name. The result list provides brief bios as well as links to the litigation history for each attorney. Note that in Lexis’ Litigation Profile Suite, you can search for attorneys by name or by location, but not by keyword or area of law. While Westlaw presents litigation history in a table, Lexis presents a number of charts, as in this example of Chelsey Vascura, a recently appointed federal judge.

Keep in mind that often the best way to learn about people is through talking to them. Find out about networking opportunities by joining a bar association, many of which offer student memberships. The Columbus Bar Association, for example, offers membership for free to law students. If you are planning to practice in another city, many metropolitan bar associations offer special memberships for young lawyers and law students, including Chicago and New York. And be sure to visit the Moritz Career Services office for networking tips!