Thursday, March 01, 2018

Landmark Supreme Court Cases in the Law Library

Check out the Moritz Law Library’s new display of landmark Supreme Court cases, located next to the reference desk on the 2nd floor. The featured cases all have an anniversary in 2018. The display includes quotes and articles from Moritz professors, books you can check out, and other information on these important cases:
  • Marbury v. Madison: judicial review (215th anniversary) 
  • Shelley v. Kraemer: racially restrictive covenants (70th anniversary)
  • Gideon v. Wainwright: right to an attorney (55th anniversary)
  • Terry v. Ohio: search and seizure (50th anniversary)
  • Roe v. Wade: abortion (45th anniversary)
  • Lawrence v. Texas: sodomy (15th anniversary)
For an interesting resource containing briefs and arguments from these and other significant SCOTUS cases, check out Landmark Briefs and Arguments of the Supreme Court of the United States, located in the Law Library’s Reference Stacks. A list of helpful databases for researching the Supreme Court can be found on the Law Library’s Legal Research Databases guide.