Thursday, April 05, 2018

Decompress on Campus

It’s glaringly obvious that exams are around the corner. You likely know about the law library tools to help you succeed, like study aids (online and in print) and an exam archive. In addition to these classic resources, here are some other tools for tackling exams. If you need a place to unwind to escape all the exam chatter, the Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room is open across the street at the Ohio Union. A brief walk can also help you clear your head, and now you have a destination: the brand new 18th Avenue Library Wellness Room. (But wait! Isn’t that all the way across campus? No. It’s an 8–10-minute walk of about half a mile.)

Take a minute to look at the Mindful Law Student blog or grab Mindfulness and Professional Responsibility or Mindfulness for Law Students from the library. We have a number of other books on law student wellness you might consider.

Finally, if your feelings seem beyond the ordinary stresses of law school, here is a list of people and places to consider contacting.