Wednesday, May 24, 2006

American Prosecutors Research Institute

InSite brings the American Prosecutors Research Institute website to our attention. It looks like a nice resource. From InSite:
The American Prosecutors Research Institute (APRI) is a non-profit national clearinghouse for information on the prosecutorial function, as well as a research and program-development resource for prosecutors at all levels of government. The major program areas of the APRI include, among other topics, "Child Abuse and Exploitation," "Community Prosecution," "Drug Prosecution and Prevention," "Violence Against Women," "Gun Violence Prosecution," and "White Collar Crime." Each area contains information for visitors including an overview of the topic, news, CLE information, related publications, and links to other sites for further information. Legal researchers will appreciate the Institute's "Publications" section, organized by topic, which is a good source of in-depth and free documentation and resource guides. The "Research" section offers information about prosecution and criminal justice policies and programs, including a detailed section on empirical research. The APRI site is searchable.