Thursday, June 01, 2006

Inclusion International

InSite recently wrote about the Inclusion International website. It looks like a nice resource for international disability information. From InSite:
Inclusion International (II) is "a global federation of family-based
organizations advocating for the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities worldwide." II, one of the largest non-governmental organizations devoted to disabilities, is officially recognized by the United Nations. Working with numerous international agencies, including the International Labour Organization, II promotes inclusiveness in policy, practice, and investment strategies. The II website is organized into numerous sections describing the group's various projects and initiatives, and offering its publications and other documents. One of the significant initiatives is the International Disability Alliance (IDA), in which II networks with several other international organizations. On the page devoted to the IDA, users will find numerous links to full-text United Nations and other international documents pertaining to disabled persons. Links to II's priority areas are listed in a separate section and include poverty reduction, inclusive education, and self-advocacy. On each priority area page, users will find explanation and links to additional documents, such as slide presentations, reports, and briefing notes. Be sure to use the site guide and site map for help negotiating the extensive content. The II site is available in English, French and Spanish.