Thursday, September 07, 2006

Electronic Voting Machine Report

The Brennan Center for Justice at the NYU School of Law recently released a its report, The Machinery of Democracy: Usability of Voting Systems. The report "...examines, among other things, the extent to which current voting systems correctly record voters’ intended selections, i.e., the systems’ 'effectiveness.' Specifically, the report looks at the residual vote rate for each major voting system in the 2004 presidential election." The Center's report and policy proposals concluded:
[T]hat two of the most commonly purchased electronic voting systems today are better at recording voter intentions than older systems like the punchcard
system used in Florida in 2000. At the same time the report faulted one electronic voting system under consideration in New York and in use in parts of New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Kentucky and Tennessee that continues to unduly hamper voters’ ability to easily and accurately cast a ballot for their preferred candidate without undue burden,confusion and delay.
Read the Center's press release here. Download a copy of the report here.

From Law Dawg Blawg and beSpacific.