Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Who's Paying for Your Senator's Trip?

LegisStorm's Congressional Travel Database is intended to make government more transparent by providing information about the specifics of privately financed congressional trips. From the site:

LegiStorm's congressional travel database provides details on 27,102 privately financed trips costing $57.1 million taken by members of Congress and their staff since the beginning of 2000. This information was obtained from the disclosure forms members of Congress and their staff are required to file after taking a privately-funded trip. From these disclosures you can learn:

  • Who has accepted free travel
  • Where they went and the purpose of the trip
  • How much was spent on transportation, lodging, meals and other expenses
  • And what private organization paid for it all

With LegiStorm's congressional travel database you can get even more. Use the icon to get details about any trip. You'll find records of everyone else who went on the trip, a map detailing where they stayed, a breakdown of how much they spent on transportation versus meals and lodging, a place for you to leave comments and much more.

From Valpo Law Blawg and beSpacific.