Thursday, August 23, 2012

Casino Sues Players to Recover Winnings

The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City has sued 14 players and a playing card company, after unshuffled decks of cards led to the players winning over $1.5 million.

Although the decks of cards were supposed to be preshuffled, the decks used in the mini-baccarat games on April 30 of this year were unshuffled, leading to the same sequence of cards being dealt 41 consecutive times.  When the players noticed this, they began increasing their bets.

Now, the Golden Nugget seeks the return of both the cash they paid out, and the Golden Nugget chips which they refused to cash.  The players' lawyer contends that the players did nothing illegal.

Several of the players have countersued, alleging discrimination based on their Chinese heritage.  One player also claims that casino security assaulted him and searched his belongings for hours, looking for evidence of cheating.  The casino denies these claims.

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h/t: Legal Blog Watch