Monday, January 28, 2013

Résumé Advice

Your résumé may be the first impression employers have of you. Video résumés may seem like a reasonable way to go for some careers, but they haven't become an accepted norm in the legal profession, regardless of the example set by Elle Woods. Other creative alternatives, like creating a website that mimics is another innovative approach that is probably more miss than hit if you're seeking an attorney position.

The more traditional paper résumé may seem a little stodgy, but it's still your best bet for receiving an interview. Keep in mind, it's not always your credentials that get you in the door---the actual words you choose may make all the difference, particularly if you're applying through an automated system that skims résumés for keywords. Use a number of keywords the system is programmed to detect and you increase your chances of getting your résumé pulled from the pool.

For more résumé tips, check with Career Services. Also, swing by the law library to pick up a few handy books: