Monday, February 18, 2013

Child Custody Dispute Over Toddler Concludes

The ABA Journal reports on a Utah couple who adopted a child, then lost custody of the child to the birth father. Over the course of almost two years, custody of the child was in dispute, and the adoptive parents have decided to abandon their appeal and allow the child to return to her birth father, though they have parented the 21-month-old child for her entire life. It's a complicated story for a number of reasons.

Curious to learn how this kind of case might be resolved in Ohio? We have a few resource guides here in the library:

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You can also read the sections on adoption laws in Ohio Jurisprudence in Westlaw and Lexis:

Westlaw: 47 Ohio Jur. 3d Family Law § 870
Lexis: 47 Oh Jur Family Law § 870