Friday, April 05, 2013

Grassbaugh Veterans Project

The Economist published one of many reports calling attention to the increasing number of Veterans Affairs claims and the long waits to receive benefits.  Today, the Moritz College of Law announces the creation of the Captain Jonathan D. Grassbaugh Veterans Project, which project aims to provide help to veterans facing a range of legal issues, from those drawn out VA disaibility claims to foreclosures. 

Here are some useful starting points for veterans law research:  The Ohio Department of Veterans Services offers a some resources, including a link entitled Ohio Veteran Law, and Ohio's Attorney General provides "services for military and veterans."  The State also has several veterans' courts

As always, lawyers practicing in this area need to stay current.  Congress continues to consider new legislation to support veterans, including the Careers for Veterans Act (S. 492), which encourages states to take military experience into account when issuing licenses, as many veterans return to find that states and civilian employers do not recognize their considerable military training, from medicine to manufacturing.