Friday, May 10, 2013

Developing Research Skills this Summer

The law library is offering training sessions for faculty research assistants, and you may be scheduled to come in for one of those. But perhaps you are not or you're not a research assistant this summer. You can still learn a thing or two if you have any questions.

We'll keep our reference desk hours as you've come to expect them during the week: 10am-5pm, Monday-Friday. (During the school year, we will pick up our 1pm-5pm on Sunday schedule.)

You're also welcome to pop your head in one of the librarian's offices (back and on the right on the main floor of the library) and ask if we're available to chat.

Perhaps you haven't quite figured out legislative history, case precedent, where to find foreign or international law, or how the library's online databases work. We're happy to answer all those questions and more, and summer's the time to brush up on those legal research skills.