Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Death Waivers

How many times have your ignored the liability waiver you sign when you register for a fun run? Did you know you might be agreeing the race organization will have no liability whatsoever for any injury? In effect, you may be signing a "death waiver." Companies producing events like Tough Mudder are facing increased scrutiny over safety practices in light of recent injuries and even deaths. But if a participant signed a waiver (that he or she may not have read), he or she may be out of luck if injured. Worst case scenario: the surviving family members may have no recourse in the event the participant dies.

But waivers aren't just an issue for obstacle races. They arise in the elementary and middle school settings as well. A recent article by the Washington State Bar Association explores the myriad releases, permissions, and waivers parents of school children (and school children themselves!) are asked to sign each year. Are these contracts binding and enforceable?  Find your answer in the law library catalog. Try sports law books, torts, contracting and minors, and waivers as search terms.