Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Time is Now - Practice with the Online Case Research Tools Real Live Attorneys Use!

Four years ago, we wrote on this very blog about the case research tools bar associations make available to members: State Bar Association - Members Legal Research Tools. Here's a quote: "For example, Ohio State Bar Association members have access to Casemaker. Members of the Illinois and Iowa bar associations have Fastcase."

Great news: Now you can access both CasemakerX and Fastcase (via HeinOnline), so you can practice with these tools before you become an attorney. Sure, you know Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg, but those tools aren't available at every law firm. Taking time now to build your skill set with Fastcase or Casemaker will make you a more efficient (and consequently more valuable) researcher when you work this summer.

Need another reason to practice with these tools? Take a look at this helpful map showing which state bars provide access to which services: Duke Law Blog. (Incidentally, the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar also provides access to Fastcase.)

The Fastcase/Hein partnership is the newest partnership the Moritz Law Library brings you. In a nutshell, Fastcase content is integrated directly into Hein, "allow[ing] Hein to provide federal and state case law powered by Fastcase to HeinOnline Core subscribers via inline hyperlinks. Users will also have the option to retrieve case law by citation."