Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Right Stuff

Got what it takes to work for Big Law? The answer may surprise you as it's not grades alone that ensure "success."

Am Law 250 and NLJ 350 firms are becoming more cautious in hiring in part because their smaller budgets require their new hires stay. They want to hire for the long-term, not for a few years, so "fit" and firm culture are more significant than ever. Assessing Lawyer Traits & Finding a Fit for Success, a white paper from JD Match and The Right Profile, found
High law firm turnover (caused in large part by hiring decisions based upon little more than the law school attended, grades in school, a short unstructured interview process and, in the case of lateral attorneys, an uncorroborated book of business) coupled with high recruiting and replacement costs create a staggering annual cost of more than $25 million for a 400 attorney firm.
So being "the smartest" in law school might not be enough. Law firms are now asking themselves, "[W]hat if we could determine which attorney candidates-for-hire would fit in with the culture at the firm, service their clients well and grow in their roles?"

Want to learn what law firms are looking for? Want to know how to target jobs that are a good fit for you? Check out Assessing Lawyer Traits & Finding a Fit for Success and make an appointment with Career Services.