Thursday, July 02, 2015

Fashion Law - Classes to Consider and Ohio Ties*

Fashion is huge business, and if you are remotely interested in it and still looking for a practice area to focus on, consider fashion law. Loyola Law School in Los Angeles has a fashion law center, and Fordham has just launched an LL.M. in fashion. But you don't have to travel to LA or NYC to pick up the legal skills you need to succeed in this field. (And why should you when Columbus was recently ranked third in the nation in fashion design?)

Here are some of the classes Loyola offers:
  • Introduction to Fashion Law
  • Fashion Law Business Transactions
  • Fashion Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Fashion Modeling Law
  • Fashion Law Clinic
  • Retail Law and Fashion
While Moritz doesn't offer these courses specifically, consider the following skills to build a solid foundation for work in this industry:
If your interest is piqued, or you just plain like clothes and want to see some really cool stuff Ohio State has in its Historic Costume and Textiles Collection, take a look at Clothes Line, the blog that showcases pieces in the collection and explains their historical significance.

*Yes...that was an intentional pun in the blog post title.