Thursday, April 21, 2016

Need Summer Access to Legal Research Databases?

Do your summer plans include legal research? Whether you are on a journal, taking summer classes, or working at a law firm, you must follow certain steps to ensure access to the materials you need. Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance, and Thomson Reuters Westlaw all permit summer use, at least for certain purposes. Bloomberg does not have an “academic use only” policy and encourages use for any summer research. Lexis also does not have an “academic use only” policy and will continue to provide free printing. Westlaw permits limited use for education-related purposes, and also requires registration for either summer access. For more details, see the Moritz Law Library’s Research Assistant Resources Guide or ask a reference librarian.

Fastcase is another legal research option for summer use. Fastcase provides a quick and easy way to search federal and state cases and statutes, state constitutions, administrative opinions, regulations, law reviews, and legal forms. Moritz has an institutional account, which you can access here.