Thursday, December 01, 2016

“What Is a Looseleaf and How Can It Possibly Help Me De-Stress During Finals?”

The answer can be found in the Study Break area in the Moritz Law Library, located between the reference desk and the public access computers on the 2nd floor.
Turn off your brain for a while.

In this area you’ll find materials for a number of activities to help you take a short break from the stress of studying for finals. Activities materials include colored pencils and pages from the coloring book, What Color is Your C.F.R.?, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, and old looseleaf pages to cut into snowflakes like this:
These can get pretty elaborate.
A looseleaf service is so called because it is made up of pages or pamphlets filed in looseleaf binders. This format allows current information to be easily added to the existing materials, removing out-of-date pages and replacing them with up-to-date information. The ease of updating the binders allows supplementation to be added frequently, even weekly in some cases. Most looseleafs are now available online. Only out-of date looseleaf pages and duplicate issues of law journals are being used to make snowflakes.

In addition to de-stressing activities, feel free to take packets of tea and hot chocolate and check out some of the books recommended by the librarians and staff of the Moritz Law Library for your post-finals leisure reading or holiday gift-giving needs.

So have some fun, let your mind refresh itself, and be ready to return to your outlines. Good luck on your exams!