Thursday, December 18, 2014

The 12 Awesome Law Blogs of 2014

Law blogs (blawgs) are a great way to get real-world insights into a practice area and stay current. If you're still trying to figure out an area in which you'd like to practice, read through Above the Law's collection of The 12 Awesome Law Blogs of 2014. The cover energy law, privacy law, advertising, and---believe it or not---cruise ship law. See, there are a number of ways to succeed as an attorney. Find the valuable thing everyone prizes and be the absolute best at it or find your own specialty niche and be the best at it. And being "the best" is relative, so why not give yourself a better shot at excelling by being only one of a handful of supremely knowledgeable attorneys in a field? What's more, you'll have more success as an attorney if you're doing something you truly love.

Love horses? Become an equine law expert. Love football? Become an agent. Love the beach or skiing? Find your niche in tourism law. Your career options are only as limited as your imagination. Focus on networking and building a solid legal reputation and you won't necessarily have to limit yourself to any old job that's posted.