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Explore the Moritz Law Library's Legal Fiction Collection

The Moritz Law Library offers many resources to assist with your class and exam preparation, such as its  study aid resources . But if you need a break or are looking for something interesting to read between semesters, consider exploring the Moritz Law Library’s legal fiction collection located in the Reserve Room on the main level. Some books are on the shelves straight ahead as you walk in, while others are located on the shelves to your immediate right. Older works of legal fiction are located elsewhere in the library and findable through the  library catalog . The library has novels about law schools and law students, including  Testing Kate  by Whitney Gaskell and  Called On   (2015) by Lisa McElroy, which has been described as “This generation’s One L” by  The National Law Journal .   There are also legal classics such as  Anatomy of a Murder  and  To Kill a Mockingbird , and works of historical legal fiction such as  The Secret Trial of Robert E. Lee  and  The Cliff House S
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Resources for Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, and many resources are available to help you learn more about Native and Indigenous cultures in the United States and beyond. Check out the following: The University of Arizona Law Library’s IPLP Resource Guide: American Indian Law and the University of Arizona Law Library’s guide on Tribal Law: International Indigenous Resources , Oklahoma State University’s new Tribal Treaties Databases Project (the first phase of the project focuses on U.S. government treaties with Native Americans from 1778-1883), This list of Resources for Native American Heritage Month (compiled by the American Association of Law Library’s Committee on Relations with Information Vendors), A conversation with Stanford Law’s first Native American professor about “How the U.S. legal system ignores tribal law,” and This article about a librarian’s effort to develop citation templates for oral teachings shared by people in Indigenous communities. And of course, you ca

Autumn 2021 Library Reference Services

The Moritz Law Library Reference Librarians will be providing in-person reference services for the Autumn 2021 semester. The Reference Desk, located on the second floor of the library, will be staffed from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. In addition to providing services at the Reference Desk, Moritz Reference Librarians are also available to provide research guidance via email, live chat, and phone. The librarians also offer in-depth research consultations via Zoom. To schedule a consultation, submit a Request a Research Consultation form. Using this service allows the librarians to conduct preliminary research prior to meeting with you so that they can more comprehensively address your research needs. Research consultations might be especially useful if you are a research assistant and are working on a difficult project, or if you need assistance researching a topic for a seminar paper or a note for law review. Please see the library’s Ask a Librarian page for more details

Summer and Graduate Access to Library Resources

Many Moritz Law Library resources are available to graduating students, including extended access to Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg, and continued access to the physical library. Reference librarians also remain available for research assistance and consultations. See the library’s document on  Information for Graduating Students . For current students, you can continue to use your Westlaw passwords this summer for any non-commercial research in which a client is not being billed. You also have unlimited use of your Lexis+ passwords this summer, and Bloomberg Law access will also continue uninterrupted, subject to the yearly Docket allowance of $1,500. Students should check with their employers before using law school passwords for outside employment. Finally, be sure you’re practice ready for any assignments this summer and beyond. Check out Lexis’s  Prepare to Practice Resources , Westlaw’s  legal research certifications , including the Prepare to Practice Certification, and Bloom

Study Aids and Wellness Resources

As the semester winds down, be sure to check out all of the electronic study aid options available through the Moritz Law Library. In case you are looking for a specific title, we have included the names of some of the more popular series next to the database where you can find them. ·         CALI : Lessons and Subject Outlines ·         LexisNexis Digital Library : Mastering, Questions & Answers, Skills & Values, and Understanding ·         West Academic Study Aids : Acing, Exam Pro, Gilbert Law Summaries, and Short & Happy Guides ·         Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library : Emanuel, Emanuel CrunchTime, Examples & Explanations, and Glannon Guides You can find your CALI authorization code and your Wolters Kluwer library card number  using this link . Going into this finals period, you may be struggling—personally, academically, or both. If so, please take advantage of the programs and services available to you, which you can find on the College’s  He

Celebrate National Library Week

April 4-10, 2021 is National Library Week. This year’s theme is “Welcome to Your Library.” We here at Moritz Law Library want to take this opportunity to remind the Moritz Community of the many services we offer our students, staff, and faculty. Please visit our homepage for a full description of our services and to access our research guides , library catalog , and legal databases . You can keep current on Moritz Law Library news and events by following the Moritz Law Library on Twitter , and keeping up with the Moritz Legal Information blog. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Ask a Librarian . In addition to our own services, we want to make sure our patrons are aware of the variety of other library resources and experiences available to them both on-campus and in the greater Columbus area.   The Ohio State University Libraries has numerous locations throughout campus that offer access to study space and specialized collections. OSUL also offers a number of dig

Expand Your Research Skills with Advanced Legal Research Courses

As you register for 2021-2022 courses, consider enrolling in an Advanced Legal Research course taught by one of the Moritz College of Law’s reference librarians. These courses expose students to new resources and also help further develop the research skills introduced in LAW I and LAW II. In the Spring 2022 semester, Assistant Director for Public Services Matt Cooper will teach our more in-depth, two-credit advanced research course. This course focuses on equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to tackle a wide variety of complex research questions with both subscription and freely available resources. The course features simulated client scenarios based on research problems likely to arise in legal practice. In addition to the 2-credit general ALR course, recently offered one-credit courses have focused on a specialized practice area or jurisdiction. Next spring, Reference Librarian Emma MacGuidwin will teach Advanced Legal Research: Business and Tax. T